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Vynal-Plus Patio

Tired of problems with your old patio doors?

Sliding patio doors are an attractive way to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home. But older patio doors are often inefficient, increasing the likelyhood of condensation build-up.

Also, older patio doors are especially prone to seal failure - the cause of that unsightly cloudiness that forms between the glass panes. Faulty or worn weather-stripping further undermines the doors' effectiveness by letting the outside air blow through your home. With older sliding patio doors, there are the additional problems of over-worn tracks and bad rollers, which often make doors stick or jump their tracks.

It doesn't get any easier than this. Since the vinyl in Nu-Sash doors is so resistant to wear, a little soap and water is usually all that is needed to keep the doors looking like new.

Finishes to Fit Your Decor

Nu-Sash sliding patio doors come in a variety of styles to match virtually any decorating theme. Our selection of interior and exterior finishes gives you the flexibility to achieve the look you want.

Durable Material

Vinyl is a revolutionary material that withstands the constant attack of the elements. Nu-Sash patio doors are made from a lightweight, unplasticized PVC. Under normal conditions, it won't warp, flake, blister, peel or corrode.

Complete Weatherstripping

The full weatherstripping on Nu-Sash patio doors provides maximum protection from air infiltration, helping keep the temperature in your home at a constant level. This helps lessen the amount of heating and air conditioning needed to maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

Fusion-Welded Construction

The patio door sash is fusion-welded. This process makes for maximum stability, ease of operation and enduring strength, while helping keep the door air and watertight.

Silicone-Bonded Glass & Frame

Our glass panes are glazed into the sash frame with silicone. This forms a stronger, non-separating bond between the glass and the frame. This glazing system helps prevent seal failures and provides lasting protection against infiltration of air and water.

With Nu-Sash Vynal Plus sliding patio doors, you're not only getting a door with a view, you're getting beauty that stands up to the test of time. From quality workmanship and durable materials to superior strength and exceptional thermal performance, there's nothing like Nu-Sash.

Nu-Sash Warranty

Nu-Sash patio doors are warranted against failures in material and workmanship for as long as you own your home.

Nu-Sash Vynal Plus sliding patio doors are the perfect solution to the problems associated with older patio doors.

Nu-Sash sliding patio doors are thermally efficient and resistant to the wind and rain. They allow you to enjoy the view outside, while keeping you warm, dry and comfortable inside.