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Stafford Replacement Windows

Durable Material:

With Stafford? windows, you get a strong, unplasticized material that provides consistent color throughout and long-lasting protection from scrapes, dents and stains.

Multi-cavity Construction:

Strong and rigid, the Stafford? windows incorporate insulating air chambers that help keep summer heat and winter cold outside.

Fusion-welded Construction:

The corners of the frame and sash are fusion-welded, creating a continuous piece of vinyl that is both air- and water-tight. You can be certain of smooth operation and lasting strength and durability.

Complete Weatherstripping:

Multiplanes of Gold Series Ultra Fin Weatherseal are the answer for the most demanding and severe weather conditions. A protective barrier against air, water, and even noise--the fin, fibers, and backing are ultrasonically welded into an integrated assembly providing superior UV resistance that will not break apart, like woven weatherseals. Gold Seal is also treated to resist the growth of mold, mildew, and fungus, giving you peace of mind, as well. All standard on our Stafford double-hung and sliding windows. Bring quality home, one step at a time

Beauty and low maintenance together Stafford? windows are designed to require little maintenance, freeing you from time consuming puttying,scraping and painting. Just wipe the frame clean with a little soap and water. That is all that is needed.