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Somerset Replacement Windows

Durable Material

With Nu-Sash windows, you're getting a strong, unplasticized PVC material that provides consistent color throughout and long-lasting protection from scrapes, dents and stains.

Multicavity Construction

Strong and rigid, Nu-Sash windows incorporate insulating air chambers that help keep summer heat and winter cold where they belong - outside and away from you.

Fusion-Welded Frame & Sash

The corners of the frame and sash are fusion-welded together, creating a continuous piece of vinyl that is both air and watertight. You can be certain of smooth operation and enduring strength.

Complete Weatherstripping

Our fin-seal weatherstrip provides an excellent protective barrier from air and noise infiltration. It's made from durable materials that maintain their effectiveness over time.

Finishes to Fit Your Decor

Nu-Sash Somerset replacement windows come in two popular styles to match your decorating theme. Interior and exterior finishes are available in two neutral colors, white and sandalwood.

Easy to maintain

Nu-Sash Somerset vinyl windows require little maintenance. They won't rot, peel or rust, freeing you from the tiresome chores of puttying, scraping and painting. All it takes is a little soap and water to keep frames looking brand-new.

Lifetime limited warranty

Nu-Sash windows are warranted against failures in material and workmanship for as long as you own your home. Ask your dealer for a copy of this warranty. Nu-Sash Somerset replacement windows make good economic sense and can add an attractive new look to your home. Nu-Sash windows may even add to the resale value of your home, providing an average 75% return on window replacement costs.