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PPG SunClean© Glass

SunClean© self-cleaning glass by PPG makes it easier to enjoy your new windows. How? By making it easier to do something you probably don't like about windows - washing them.

How does it work?

While the windows with SunClean self-cleaning glass look slightly brighter from the outside, they look like ordinary windows from the inside. But looks can be deceiving: SunClean self-cleaning glass has a durable, transparent coating that's bonded to the outer surface of the glass during the manufacturing process.

The coating utilizes two natural resources - the sun's ultraviolet rays and water - to slowly decompose and loosen organic dirt and then rinse it away. This two-part action is why SunClean self-cleaning glass is easier to clean. Strengthen your weakest link

Nu-Sash Hardglass© is stronger than regular window glass. Standard windows are made from single strength 3/32" glass. The same thickness of Nu-Sash Hardglass© is at least four times stronger (as shown in the graph). It can withstand impacts up to 24,000 lbs. per square inch. A window this strong can protect you and your loved ones from the unexpected punishment of violent weather, accidents, and unwanted intruders that occur every day across the country and in your neighborhood.